The North Pole and Arctic Circle

Shar, the Greenland Shark


Wal, the Walrus


Pear the polar bear


Nars the Narwhale


Lug, the Beluga Whale


Foxy, the Artic Fox


Art the Artic Owl


South Pole

Mighty, the Antarctica Midge


Lashes, the Ross Seal


Toothy, the Antarctic Toothfish


Crocy, the Antarctic Ice Fish


Snog, the Southern Elephant Seal


Pero, the Emperor Penguin


Bluey, the Blue Whale



Osumare, the Mandrill


Mambo, the Meerkat


Oseye, the Ostrich


ChaCha, the Cheetah


Jahi, the Giraffe


Lisimba, the Lion


Hakima, the Hippopotamus



Frills, the Frilled Neck Lizard


Echo, the Echidna


Wal, the Wombat


Kracka, the Koala


Tas, the Tasmanian devil


Red, the Red Kangaroo


Galapicus Islands

Boobie Bird


Iggy Igwana