Hugo and his Hugonauts friends, Iggy the Igwana and Boobie the bird are dedicated to assisting in the awareness of animal cruelty and the protection of the words magnificent animals and their environments.

The author / creator and illustrator

"Morry" aka Mark Morris

Morry is passionate about animals and continually amazed at the animal kingdom. He is an adventurer at heart, loving the great outdoors and everything about it, and has a firm affinity with both land and sea animals. His inspiration for the Hugonauts series are his four kids, aged between 8 and 14 years old, including twins, who love animals, learning about them and interacting with them.

"Swing" aka Simon Swingler

Simon’s curiosity for all things great, blubbery, spiky and small stems from this childhood experiences spent either outside looking under rocks for creepy crawlies or curled up under a blanket engrossed in his much-thumbed set of illustrated encyclopedias. Simon has a particular fondness for the incredible menagerie of Australian creatures like the beautiful platypus, numbat, and quoll.